Homeopathic Medicine Cure For Several Diseases

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Homeopathic Medicine Cure for Several Diseases
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Homeopathic Medicine Cure for Several Diseases

  • POSTED ON Thursday, October 3, 2019

It is best to avoid heavy, oily and fried food; aged Organifi Gold Tea Review cheeses; yogurt; onion and garlic, especially uncooked; highly processed and refined foods; fizzy drinks, alcohol, coffee, regular tea; artificial sweeteners; and commercial sugar. Try to include one or two pieces of fresh fruit per day in your diet. If you use fruit juice, make sure it is freshly prepared and not older than one hour best diluted with water. Packaged fruit juices are pasteurized, which makes them acid-forming, deprives them of natural enzymes, and depletes the body of important minerals and vitamins. Many brands contain artificial sweeteners, which dehydrate the body and may damage the brain, nervous system and immune system. It is preferable to eat one kind of fruit at a time. https://dietsdiary.com/organifi-gold-tea-review/


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